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The Teddy Bears' Picnic for Peace 14.07.15

DETAILS of the Teddy Bears' Picnic for Peace have now been finalised and will take place at the Putting Greens on Moville's shore front this Saturday afternoon, July 18.
The unique event has been organised by local peace campaigner, Rose Kelly who recounted the events of last summer when, in the space of just seven weeks, an estimated 556 Palestinian children and one Israeli child were killed in what Israel called 'Operation Protective Edge.'
Rose Kelly from Moville introduces Teddy for Peace at a Just a Second seminar run by Action from Ireland (Afri).
More than 3,374 children were injured, of whom some 1,000 have been permanently disabled.
Rose, who is development education co-ordinator with Action from Ireland (Afri), said: "Children who time and time again pay the highest price for the madness of adults, instinctively recognise, understand and express love.
"The picnic is a celebration of childhood, freedom, peace and love and the intention is that these may be enjoyed by children the world over."
The picnic 'host' will be Teddy for Peace, a cuddly toy that was mislaid at Carndonagh library and was 'recruited' by Afri until his owner can be found ( read previous story here ).
"In the spirit of love and solidarity the picnic is intended to express, those attending are asked to bring along food for themselves and to share if they can, as well as their own dishes, utensils and blanket/cushion to sit on.
"Music, art, games, clowning and fun will all be happening!" The picnic will start at 1pm followed by a free showing of 'The Bee Movie' at 3pm in St Eugene's Hall Moville. Please note that all teddies should bring a human and that all children attending must be accompanied by a responsible adult.
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