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Lost cuddly toy becomes 'Teddy for Peace' 08.07.15

A TEDDY BEAR unwittingly left behind at a local Inishowen library has been recruited as a peace ambassador - and will 'toy' with his important new role until his owner reclaims him!
Children will be able to meet the cuddly representative next week at a 'Teddy Bear's Peace Picnic' on Moville Shore Green.
'Teddy for Peace' was found by staff at Carndonagh public library last spring. They placed the clearly well-loved toy in a prominent place behind the front desk in the hope his owner would eventually return to claim him.
In the meantime, the bear was spotted in the library by local peace campaigner Rose Kelly - a project worker with Afri (Action from Ireland).
Rose Kelly from Moville introduces Teddy for Peace at a Just a Second seminar run by Action from Ireland (Afri).
Children had previously told her, almost unanimously, that the material item they would save if they had to flee their homes - as many children in war-torn countries must do - was their teddy bear.
Rose asked Carn library if the bear could join the Afri crew on their 'Just a Second' project until his owner was located.
"I could see a key role that he would be perfect for playing. Working in April and May of this year on the Just a Second with Transition Year schools in Galway and at the World Wise Global Schools event in the Aviva Stadium, I brought teddy along," she added.
She said the students told her the teddy bear had opened their imaginations surrounding "the real costs of militarisation - the costs beyond finance".
"We are now seeking to re-unite Teddy for Peace with his 'person'," explained Rose.
"If we are unable to do this, then he will continue to work on issues of environmental and social justice and will remain loved and valued by all who work with him."
Children are invited to take their favourite teddy along to the Teddy Bear's Peace Picnic on Moville Shore Green on Saturday, July 18 - exact time and location still being finalised.
"The picnic will send a message of love and friendship to all those, especially the children, who continue to suffer from the effects of war and militarisation and to call for a world of peace," added Rose.
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