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Carn "drifter" fined 1,000 25.06.07

An industrious young plasterer has been fined 1,000 for dangerous driving in Carndonagh earlier this year.
Matthew Doherty, Gortyarn, Carn, was also put off the road for one month - a much reduced disqualification, because the defendant, who was employing people at a very young age, needed his licence for work.
Doherty pleaded guilty to making a dangerous manoeuvre in his highly modified car at the roundabout at the Station Road/Malin Road junction, on February 4th, 2007.
It was 5 O'Clock in the afternoon and a number of people were milling around at the time, Judge Derek McVeigh heard.
Garda Seamus Lyons said he was parked at Station Road when he heard a car with its loud exhaust coming at speed. He then witnessed the 20 year old defendant, with one passenger on board, drive on to the roundabout before "drifting" back up Station Road. Garda Lyons described "drifting" for the court as a controlled handbrake manoeuvre that resulted in a twisting of the vehicle to let the back end slide ahead of the front. He pursued the car, a modified vehicle known as an 'Evo', until it was unsafe to do so. Nearly a week later, the defendant went by appointment to the Garda station.
Defence solicitor Philip White said his client had worked from the age of 14 and while he had previously employed two labourers, he now employed one. He travelled long distances, mainly to Galway, for plastering contracts and worked 12 hour days.
Mr. White conceded that his client's car, with its sports exhaust, was "more suited to the race track than the open road". But he pleaded for leniency saying a driving ban would effectively render his client unemployed.
Judge McVeigh said he must impose an "ancillary disqualification" given the seriousness of the charge. He imposed a ban of one month adding: "He should see what a privilege it is to have a licence and to treat it responsibly".
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