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Compo' bill follows Moville assault 22.06.07

An east Inishowen man who pleaded guilty this week to assault must pay at least 8,500 to his victim in compensation or face jail, a local court has heard.
Neil McSkeane, Glenagivney, Kinnagoe Bay, admitted assaulting the victim four years ago outside a nightclub behind the Foyle Hotel in Moville.
The victim, a plasterer, told Carn court he was struck with a bottle in the left eye and now the "vision isn't as good as it was". He had to attend an eye specialist after the attack and lost seven weeks work.
Defence solicitor Philip White said his client, now 23, insisted he had not used any weapon in the assault and that he had used his fist.
After the incident in 2003, he said McSkeane had to leave the area as a result of threats to his person. Mr. White said his client, an asthmatic, also suffered anxiety attacks in the aftermath of the incident.
Judge Derek McVeigh said the assault, which caused serious harm, warranted a prison sentence. Mr. White pleaded for leniency, however, on the grounds his client had never been in court "before or since" and had tendered a guilty plea.
The judge indicated he was considering a four-month jail term. However, he said if the defendant paid 8,500 as a "contribution towards compensation", the matter could be revisited. The case was adjourned until October 16th, 2007, for compensation to be paid. A fine of 500 for public disorder on the date in question was also imposed on the defendant.
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