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Senator praises Moville Alcohol Project 11.01.08

A DONEGAL senator has said an initiative running in her hometown should be held up as a model of how to tackle the problem of underage and binge drinking at local level.
Senator Cecilia Keaveney praised the Moville Alcohol Project in light of the Government decision to form an advisory group on Ireland's drink culture.
Among the issues to be examined by the advisory group, who will report back in March, is the effectiveness of existing sanctions and penalties, particularly those combating excessive and underage drinking and also how people who arrive in A&E drunk will be treated in future.
"We have a problem with alcohol abuse seen in binge drinking in
Moville and District Family Resource Centre co-ordinator, Mary McKinney with Project worker David Simpson.
this country. Recent figures have shown there has been a 17% increase in alcohol consumption over the past ten years," said Senator Keaveney.
"It is clear that this problem is also adding to health problems which encompass both physical and mental health areas but also public disorder. Our culture of alcohol abuse needs to be tackled as a matter of urgency."
In her former role as T.D., Senator Keaveney chaired an Oireachtas committee on drugs and alcohol.
“The Government shares the growing national concern about health and public order problems resulting from binge drinking.
"I congratulate the work that is going on at community level for example through Serenity House in Moville who are looking at the alcohol issue and it is great that the local emphasis is being echoed at national level," she said.
"I look forward to the continuing debate in the Seanad on this issue and I look forward to the advisory group delivering their findings by the end of March." For more on the Moville Alcohol Project and Survey, click here
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