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Protecting Moville from alcohol-related harm 10.12.07

ALCOHOL-induced fighting and underage drinking is a major concern among the people of Moville, a new survey reveals.
The survey, published last Thursday as part of the ongoing Moville Community Alcohol Project, also shows that binge drinking, damage to property and the lack of alcohol-free alternatives for young people are issues of concern in the Foyleside town.
Adult respondents cited a lack of law enforcement as a contributing factor while younger respondents said peer pressure and the easy availability of drink as areas of concern.
Alcohol project worker, David Simpson explained that 800 questionnaires were 
Moville Alcohol Project co-ordinator David Simpson addresses the public meeting.
distributed in the town as part of the survey with 96 completed and returned. A further 240 were distributed at Moville Community College with 146 completed and returned. Mr. Simpson referred to a Donegal Youth Service survey showing that 74% of young people in the county had their first drink by the age of 16. But he said, at same time, there were no activities for young people in the town aged 13 to 17 outside of sport.
“The aim of the project is to protect the next generation in Moville from alcohol-related harm," he told the gathering at St. Eugene's Hall, Moville.
"Some young people may be exhibiting the problem, but we must all be part of the solution.
“The greatest challenge facing Moville is not the ‘demon drink’ or ‘those rowdy teenagers’, it is ourselves. It will be a challenge to no longer accept our young people being in danger and to act to protect them.”
Meanwhile, Mary McKinney, co-ordinator of the Moville Family Resource Centre, where the alcohol project is based, said: “We have got funding from the Dormant Accounts to mobilise the whole community to solve this problem.
"We are not against drink but against early excessive drinking and the damage it is doing to our young people and the community.
"We are not out to blame anyone but to find ways of helping the different parts of the community to find ways of protecting the next generation from alcohol related harm.”
The winners of a schools poster competition run as part of the project received their prizes on the night.
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