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Plaza granted dance licence 25.03.10

THE PLAZA in Buncrana has been granted a dance licence subject to strict conditions. The licence was granted at the local court on Tuesday by Judge Seamus Hughes. Local resident John Grant who was one of the objectors to the licence, told the court that noise levels had improved dramatically at his Ferris Lane home, since the court's intervention. Judge Hughes commended Mr Grant for being so honest about the improvements. He told Mr Grant he could object again to the Plaza dance licence in October 2010 if any of the conditions were breached. Judge Hughes said Mr Grant, his legal representatives, Dorrian's Solicitors, and local Gardai would get a copy of the Plaza dance licence and conditions by mid-April. In accordance with the regulations, he also ordered the Plaza to display the dance licence in a prominent position within the premises to allow the public view the conditions and see that they are being adhered to. Patron numbers were set at 600.
Solicitor Frank Dorrian asked that his client get a contribution towards his costs. Judge Hughes asked Mr Quinn, acting for the Plaza, to put the costs proposal to his client. Mr Quinn said his client was a charitable organisation with charitable status and that "the well is dry". "I can tell you now, they can't afford to pay me, let alone Mr Grant," said Mr Quinn. Judge Hughes urged Mr Quinn to put the issue to his client and adjourned the issue of costs until April 27.
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