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Drunk man had toddler in his care 27.10.11

AN "extremely intoxicated" man was arrested after Gardai received an anonymous tip-off that a young child was in his care.
Forty-year old Seamus McColgan of 6 Rockdale, Buncrana, appeared at the local court where he admitted being drunk and aggressive when officers arrived at his home on June 13, last, at 9.20pm. His three-year old son was in the kitchen of the house at the time, the court on Tuesday heard.
Gardai said the defendant was unsteady on his feet and "wasn't fit to care for himself, let alone a child". He was threatening and abusive to the local officers before grabbing the child's hand and taking him outside to the footpath, the court heard. Gardai called the child's aunt to come and collect him.
The defendant, an unemployed fisherman, was taken to the local Garda station where 60 worth of cannabis resin was found on him.
Defence solicitor Paudge Dorrian said that whoever had anonymously called Gardai had done his client "a favour". He said there was a "very difficult family situation" and that the child's natural mother lived in Letterkenny. The three-year old was usually looked after by an aunt and was supposed to have been left back with her on the night in question but wasn't, said Mr Dorrian.
He said his client had become emotional about his family situation but "has a great interest in the child". Mr McColgan had previous convictions including being disorderly and failing to comply with the instructions of a Garda. Judge Paul Kelly fined him 150 and ordered him to give a donation of 150 to Buncrana Youth Club.
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