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Carrowmenagh's John A. gets his B.A. 20.07.07

John A. McLaughlin is proof it's never too late to go back to education.
The 75-year old Carrowmenagh man received his Bachelor of Arts Degree ten days ago from the University of Ulster at Magee and is now enjoying "a good rest".
The well known community activist, local historian and author, says he's delighted with his degree in Irish History and Politics.
"I'm really chuffed with myself," he said, smiling. "It was a lot of hard work but it was all worth it in the end."
John, who celebrates his 75th birthday next month, began the journey to his degree three years ago with a Certificate in Irish History and Cultural Traditions through Limavady College.
It was a cross-border funded course that also included modules at Greencastle Community Centre and required regular trips on the Lough Foyle ferry to get to college.
His qualification - along with a Diploma in Local History awarded in Maynooth nine years ago - allowed him enter his degree course at second year, in 2005.
And what did he think of being the oldest student in his class?
"It was very nice being with the rest of the students. Some of them were only 18 but they were all very helpful. They treated me as an equal student even though I was old enough to be the grandfather to some of them.
"If I wasn't sure where a lecture was, they would always point me in the right direction and stay with me until I found the right place. They were very good about what books they found useful the year before or whatever."
The long-standing member of Carrowmenagh Development Association and current treasurer, also has a great word for his tutors, lecturers and librarians at the Magee Campus. "They were a fantastic help," he said.
John A., who wrote the well-received 'Carrowmenagh: History of a Donegal Village and Townland', wrote his final dissertation on the Carrowmenagh Evictions of 1881. He derived much of his material from research he had already undertaken for his radio play of the same name and his book, the proceeds of which he donated to various local charities including the Foyle Hospice and the two hospitals in Carndonagh.
John A. McLaughlin with his wife Ann at his graduation.
July 10th, 2007, was a proud day for John when he donned the gown and mortar board and received his scroll, with wife Ann and their girls Cora and Anne Marie looking on.
They then enjoyed a nice meal together. Of the future, he says he is now taking a good rest after which he will look into the possibility of publishing a third edition of his book. If you would like to contact John A. you can email him at .
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