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Wet Eireann - but Inishowen bucks trend 04.09.08

SUMMER such that it was, officially ended on Sunday and was by common acclaim one of the worst in recent years. Festivals across Inishowen were washed out in early August, while a number of sports days had to be postponed due to torrential rain. While there were some instances of localised flooding in the peninsula, Inishowen was spared the worst of the wet weather that caused havoc in other parts of the country.
Malin Head Summer 2008 While Malin Head had its wettest summer since 1998 with more than a foot of rain falling between June and August, it was in fact the driest spot in Ireland all summer long! Our southern brothers took an awful drenching during the summer.
Some 324mm (13 inches) of rainfall was recorded at the Malin Head weather observatory between June and August, which is around 40% more than average. However, several other Met Éireann observatories recorded more than twice their average summertime rain, with 450mm (18 inches) recorded at Cork Airport.
With 123mm (5 inches) of rainfall, Malin Head was also the driest spot in Ireland during the month of August. Belmullet in County Mayo recorded the highest monthly rainfall with 192mm (7.5 inches) while Dublin Airport had its wettest August day since records began in 1941 when 76mm (3 inches) fell on 9 August.
While temperatures at Malin Head were about 1°C above average for the month as a whole, temperature did not rise above 20°C on any day during the month.
Sunshine too was below average, with values more typical of October than August.
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