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120,000 homes to go on sale 05.09.08

DONEGAL County Council is set to release four new houses priced at a knock-down 120,000 in the border village of St. Johnston.
The three-bed properties are being made available under the Affordable Housing Scheme for first time buyers. To qualify, a family with just one income must earn less than 100,000 when their gross salary is multiplied by 2.5. A family with two incomes must earn less than 100,000 when the biggest salary is multiplied by 2.5 and then added to the gross income of the lesser earner.
The houses will be purchased outright by way of a mortgage provided by an approved financial institution or the council and a minimum deposit of 3% of the sale price must be paid to the local authority.
"The Affordable Housing Scheme provides for the building of new houses in areas where house prices have created an affordability gap for lower income house purchasers. The houses will be offered for sale to eligible first time purchasers at a significant discount from the market value of comparable houses in the area," said a Council spokesperson.
The four new houses are part of the Cois Abhainn scheme which is due for completion shortly in St. Johnston.
People may qualify if they are in need of housing and their income satisfies the income test below; a person whose application for local authority housing has been approved by the local authority, or a local authority tenant or tenant purchaser who wishes to buy a private house and to return their present house to the local authority. A tenant for more than one year of a house provided by a voluntary body under the Rental Subsidy Scheme may also qualify. For more information regarding eligibility, contact the Housing Department of Letterkenny Public Services Centre on 074 9194200.
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