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Council under 'pier' pressure over funds 08.09.08

MONEY allocated in February for repairs to Portaleen Pier, Glengad and Moville Pier slipway has not yet been drawn down by Donegal County Council, two concerned politicians have revealed.
Senator Cecilia Keaveney and her colleague Cllr Marian McDonald said marine funding was important to coastal Inishowen as it battled the elements and as local fishermen tried to earn a living.
“I have been inundated with requests particularly from Glengad and Moville about the small but important works that are needed in both these locations," said Cllr McDonald.
She said she would be getting in touch with Council engineer Vincent Lynn to establish when work can begin and when the co-funding would be in place. "As a Council it is vital that we are seen to act when monies become available and that it is not sent back to any department.
Cllr Marian McDonald
This money, allocated in February but not drawn down now in September is surely not a pattern that displays efficiency in Council activity. At this stage, unless action is urgent, there may be a threat of this money being lost to other areas, while our projects remain in urgent need,” she added.
Meanwhile, Senator Keaveney highlighted the "ongoing difficulties" with infrastructure at Portaleen Pier including its broken crane.
"The overall project cost projected here is only €35,000 and the CLÁR money will yield €13,125 of it. Given that it has been prioritised I do hope that this money, alongside the many other allocations that have been made over the years will be spent soon to assist in keeping this facility used and usable," said Senator Keaveney.
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