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Landmark Buncrana building opens 17.09.08

BUNCRANA has a new landmark building with the opening yesterday of Tierney’s Healthwise Pharmacy at Lower Main Street.
The 4,000sq ft premises has been under construction for the last 18 months with the Healthwise Pharmacy occupying temporary premises in the old Clubman factory building. It is the latest addition to Ardaravan Square/Lower Main Street and further enhances that part of town.
“I needed a bigger shop floor,” proprietor Liam Grimley said. “And while I was reluctant to knock down the old building I had no other option and tried to keep the spirit of it.”
The new building, which also features eight upstairs apartments, remains sympathetic to the building with its redbrick façade and arched windows but boasts a modern interior where major brands like Lancôme, Clarion and Chanel will be stocked. “We’re bringing high street brands to Buncrana and we’re delighted with how the interior of our new flagship store looks,” Grimley said.
The store will employ nine staff, and Grimley admitted that the
Pharmacist Liam Grimley and his staff pictured outside his new Healthwise pharmacy at Lower Main Street, Buncrana.
downturn in the construction sector and difficulties with the HSE over drug distribution contracts made him question the wisdom of the redevelopment. “I probably wouldn’t have started the redevelopment given the difficulty over the pharmacy contracts, and the decline in the building industry was another blow,” he said. “But I had no option other than to continue on.”
The conflict between the HSE and pharmacists is still ongoing, and in common with other pharmacies across the State, a recruitment freeze remains in place. However, some of the apartments have already been sold and interest has been expressed in the others.
“The neighbours have been brilliant all throughout the build,” Grimley concluded. “We’re looking forward to seeing them and all our customers old and new over the coming weeks.” (Inishowen Independent)
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