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Beware the email hackers 24.09.08

Story: Inishowen Independent
A LOCAL woman whose email account was hacked into at the weekend has warned people in Inishowen to ensure their email passwords are secure and include a series of numbers and letters.
The north Inishowen woman who did not wish to be named, told the Inishowen Independent that the discrepancy came to light at the weekend when members of her family received an email from her seeking financial help.
“The email suggested that I was at a conference in Nigeria and had been stranded without money and it asked those who received it to send me on over $1,600 to help cover costs,” the woman said yesterday.
However she explained that because the email had been received by members of her family, she was able to have the matter rectified fairly quickly.
“The people who hacked into my g-mail account were able to send emails out to everyone in my address book, but thankfully I was able to get the 
password changed and fix the problem right away.”
The local woman says she is aware of another woman whose email account was hacked into recently and she urged members of the public to make sure they have a secure password.
“If your password is just a word then you really should change it and ensure that there are some numbers in it too because that will make it much more difficult to break into,” she said.
She also urged anyone receiving such emails to make sure they are genuine before they would consider responding.
“The language used in this email was pretty poor and most people probably realised quickly enough that it was suspect, but still a number of people did call me to check if it was genuine. That was good because I do know that some of the other emails are more believable and it is always better to check,” she said.
The local woman added that she had since contacted those in her address book to warn them that her account had been hacked, but has now been rectified.
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