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"Buncrana sewage pong needs tackling" 04.09.08

GREEN Party candidate for Buncrana, Sheenagh McMahon, has hit out at the "horrible odours" being endured by people living near the local sewage plant in Buncrana.
"Why should the people of Buncrana who live in the proximity of the sewage plant have to suffer horrible odours? I have received a large number of complaints from residents and businesses about these sickening smells," said Ms McMahon.
She said she had been in touch with the county chemist Donald Casey and had sent the Council's sanitation department a copy of the World Health Organisation (WHO) guidelines on odour-related gasses and air quality.
"To date no real-time odour monitoring of H2S in the vicinity of waste water treatment plants has been established in Ireland. Odour can have a significant impact on populations living in the vicinity of wastewater treatment plants and odour concerns around these plants in Ireland have been reflected in the recent increases in complaint levels," said Ms McMahon.
She called for an immediate assessment of the local waste treatment process in a bid for a solution to be found to the "nuisance odour".
Citing other local authorities' actions in relation to waste filtration she said Southern Water had demonstrated their commitment to ensuring that sludge reception, storage and thickening facility did not produce nuisance odours.
"An enhanced bio filtration process was selected as the most effective odour abatement technology for this application as it delivered the requisite performance and guarantees, significantly lower running costs compared to other technologies and minimal operational input," she said.
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