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Thumbs up for Inishowen weather 23.09.08

INISHOWEN can look forward to a nice dry week ahead, according to Met Eireann.
Forecaster Gerry Murphy checked his charts for the peninsula yesterday and declared that "it looked promising" right up to the weekend.
"Inishowen is going to have a dry week. There could be a little light drizzle over the weekend but it won't be much," said Gerry.
"It might be a bit cloudy at times but overall it will be a good dry spell."
While admitting one couldn't go so far as to call it an Indian Summer, the Met man said temperatures would at least stay in the double digits at between 14 to 15 degrees Celsius. There is likely to be some good sunny spells too.
Night-time values, however,
Calm conditions forecast for this week in Inishowen
will dip to between 6 and 7 degrees Celsius.
After our pretty miserable summer, this week looks like one to pencil in a few nice walks, a jog or a couple of rounds of golf.
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