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Badger talk at Fort Dunree 18.09.08

A TALK that will interest farmers, wildlife lovers and anyone with an interest in nature will be given at Fort Dunree next week. The session will be given by wildlife expert Paddy Sleeman who will clarify issues surrounding the emotive topic of badgers, bovine TB and cattle. His talk will explore badger biology and ecology with an emphasis on biodiversity. Dr Sleeman studied at the University of Ulster, UCD and UCC where he completed a PhD on the Irish stoat in 1987.
This was followed by his book 'Stoats & Weasels, Polecats & Martens' in 1988. He began his research career by studying the parasites of deer in Glenveagh National Park in the 1980s. More recently, he worked on the Four Areas Project in north Donegal and has studied the badgers on Rutland and Inish Cu Islands off Burtonport in west Donegal. It was on Rutland Island that he showed Johnny Logan how to photograph badgers in 2005, for the TV show 'Wildtrails'. 
Sleeman has also worked for Irish Aid (APSO) in Tanzania, Madagascar and South Africa on island ecological projects involving removal of invasive species rats. He has worked extensively on the problem of bovine tuberculosis and badgers for 20 years and has helped the UCD team that is developing a vaccine for use on badgers. He is also an associate editor of the journal 'Biodiversity and Conservation'. The talk will take place at Fort Dunree on Friday, September 26 at 8pm.
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