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Inishowen babies to be studied  11.09.08

A NUMBER of nine-month old babies from Inishowen are to be studied under the 'Growing up in Ireland' survey currently being undertaken by the Economic and Social Research Institute (ERSI).
The local infants will be among 10,000 babies nationally to be recruited randomly through the Child Benefit register. A researcher will visit each infantís family in their home to interview the parents/guardians. Topics covered will include infant and parent health, pregnancy and birth, infant development and temperament, parenting, family relationships, income and socio-demographic characteristics. In addition interviewers will record the height and weight of the parents/guardians, the length and weight of the infant, and the GPS co-ordinates of the household.
The study is being funded by the Department of Health and Children in association with the Department of Social and Family Affairs. The Central Statistics Office (CSO) and researchers from Trinity College are also involved.
All the information collected will be treated in the strictest confidence guaranteed by law. The first part of the 'Growing up in Ireland' survey dealt with nine year old children and was also undertaken in Inishowen.
Researchers from the study, the first and most important of its kind ever done in Ireland, will return at intervals to re-assess the Inishowen children as they grow up. It is hoped the far-reaching study will improve the understanding of children and their development. It will also seek to understand the issues facing Irish families today so that the research can benefit all children and their families in Inishowen and other parts of the country in the future.
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