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navigatour™ - leading the way for Inishowen

INISHOWEN is often described as a hidden gem, but one local company has come up with a unique way to help you to easily find anything you need around the peninsula.
navigatour™ is a wonderfully simple GPS travel service for you to download on to your Sat Nav device that will pinpoint all the must-sees, must-do's and the secret places even locals haven't seen in Inishowen.
The good news is that the service is easy to download and is very user friendly. No matter where you are, the service will list things to do and places to see within that radius. If there is a particular thing you are looking for, you don’t even need to know its name, just type in some information and the service will find the rest. So, typing in the word ‘walk’ will list the start of all walks in the area, with information on terrain, duration and sights to note. Type in ‘bird’ for detailed information on all birdwatching sites or type in ‘golf’, ‘surf’, ‘dive’ for any activity that you might fancy trying your hand at. Typing in the word ‘kids’ will show you all activities for kids from playgrounds to Blue Flag beaches to Wains World, give you details and take you there with the click of a button.
It's Inishowen in an instant. Just press 'Go' and let navigatour™ take you there. Developed in conjunction with Inishowen Tourism, all of its members are already featured on the service for 2010 from accommodations to restaurants.

The man behind navigatour™ is John Ward of Headland New Media in Malin Head. He is passionate about his service and even more passionate about showing what Inishowen has to offer, to visitors and locals alike.
"What is lovely about this system is that the off-beat, the hidden gems and the forgotten spots have been researched and rediscovered for a new generation," he explains.
"How many people have seen or even heard of Inishowen's Morten God dolmen, the Chair of Leisure, the Devil’s Bridge or the Flough? You'll find them all there on navigatour™ and get information about each of them before being brought there.” All ancient monuments of the area and great scenic sites are also covered."
John is offering navigatour™ at a special price of just €2.44 ($2.99 from its US server).
And there’s even an upgraded audio service called racontour™ which manages to bring well over 70 stories, anecdotes, recitations and jokes from the area as you drive around Inishowen.
"Not only do you see Lough Foyle driving up to Moville, you hear about its geography and history. You'll learn about the place names of Inishowen as well as some famous recitations, tales of wildlife, haunted bridges, duels and even about Crawford the henmen from Desertegney. You just don’t know what you might get coming around the corner!" This innovative audio service, the first in the country, recently featured on RTE’s Nationwide and is still available to view by going to the navigatour™ website, .

John says the racontour™ audio service takes up more memory and is "that wee bit" more expensive
at just over €4, but is perfect for those coming to Inishowen for the first time – an MP3 enabled device is required for racontour to work.
For people lucky enough to live here, he recommends the simple search division called locatour™ which gives you all the information you’ll need to get anywhere from Grianan of Aileach, to Doagh Famine Village to the Cairn or down to Leisureland. All this is yours for well less than the price of a pint! John has been quite thorough in ensuring all places on interest are included, but welcomes any suggestions about adding a place or hidden gem he may have overlooked.
navigatour™ is downloadable to Garmin, TomTom and Windows Mobile PDAs, as well as iPhones. Go to to download the service or email John at .
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