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Spring into Storytime 26.03.24

THROUGHOUT April 2024, Donegal Library Service will deliver an exciting programme of events aimed at children aged 0-10 years old and their families. You will be able to join Spring into Storytime in person at your local library or virtually online. The programme include author visits, cartoon workshops, crafting events, an Irish language crossword competition, singing, dancing workshops and lots more.

Studies show that young children whose parents read to them daily have been exposed to at least 290,000 more words by the time they enter pre-school than children who arenít read to regularly. And depending on how much daily reading time children get, that number can go up to over a million words.
Visit www.donegallibrary.ie for more info.
Regularly reading to a child for the love of it provides a connection between parent and child from the very early days and helps build strong family ties. Families who enjoy reading together have more opportunities for discussion, developing empathy and attachment. Children who read for pleasure do better in a wide range of subjects at school and it also positively impacts their wellbeing.

More information and the schedule for all the events can be found on the Donegal Library website in the ĎWhatís oní section at www.donegallibrary.ie .
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