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'Left Field' takes centre stage at Artlink 11.03.24

ARTLINK Fort Dunree presents ‘Left Field’, a solo exhibition by artist, teacher and maker, Frank Boyce. The exhibition, at the Saldanha Gallery, will run from 11 March to 7 April 2024 and is open daily from 10am to 4pm.
Frank Boyce (centre) and images of his artwork ‘Dark Horse’ and ‘Thrum’ which are showcased in his new exhibition, ‘Left Field’.
Born in Downings and a teacher at Mulroy College in Milford for over 20 years, Frank brings a background in fine and applied art. After a hiatus, Boyce returned to art during the pandemic's first lockdown, continuing his exploration of human condition, politics, religion, and social issues.

Speaking ahead of his new exhibition, Frank said: “I’m pleased to be having my first solo show at this location in my home county. My new solo exhibition delves into the complexities of the modern age, characterised by technological advancement, climate crisis, economic instability, and a hybrid digital existence. Through my artwork, I aim to evoke a sense of displacement, highlighting the disintegration and disruption of the self in today's landscape.”

Central to Boyce's inquiry is the role of language in ascribing meaning, a theme echoed throughout ‘Left Field’. By posing questions through subject matter and process, Boyce challenges viewers to confront the uncertainties of contemporary existence.

The exhibition's centrepiece, Boyce's series of paintings, disrupts traditional notions of reality and appearance, inviting viewers to explore the uncanny. Figures hover at the edges of perception, fragmented and distorted, reflecting the flux of our digital age.

For further information about ‘Left Field’ and upcoming events at Artlink visit www.artlink.ie .
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