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Arts, Grief and Loss Skill Exchange 17.01.24

The Irish Hospice Foundation will host an 'Arts, Grief and Loss Skills Exchange' in Letterkenny, exploring how creative compassionate communities and skilled professional therapists can work together to support people in grief and loss.

The Arts and Creative Engagement programme was piloted as a response to the pandemic, when all citizens were affected by loss, and during a period where normal patterns of grieving were disrupted. 

Why use creativity and the arts to explore loss? 
The arts help people process sensation into meaning. The process of making something allows people to think and feel differently. Crafting settles the mind. Creativity opens the spirit. Linking experienced artist-facilitators with a wider public in properly resourced sessions, initiates meaningful conversations on death, dying, and bereavement, while signposting other health related services available locally for those in greater need.
Why connect Health Care Professionals, Artists, Craftsworkers and Creatives?
People can help themselves with creativity. Various professionals help people in other ways. Better understanding should make it possible for both to better support those in need.

What’s happening and when?
Over two days in Letterkenny, on January 20th and February 9th, people with a particular interest in this area are exploring different approaches. Cancer Care West, Artlink and Letterkenny Regional Culture Centre are all bringing their support.

Want to know more?
Email dominic.campbell@hospicefoundation.ie .
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