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Celebrate emergence of spring in Swan Park 30.01.24

ART in the Park III - Awaken is a temporary outdoor exhibition in Swan Park, Buncrana from the 1st to 29th February 2024, curated by the Artlink Creative Team. This showcase of artworks celebrates the emergence of spring and invites the local community and visitors alike to experience the intersection of art, nature, and cultural exploration.

An open event and guided tour of the exhibition will take place this Thursday, 1st February at 1pm. Attendees are invited to gather at the Buncrana Anglers Centre, where this year’s participating artists will lead the tour around Swan Park, introducing their thought-provoking artworks.
Kevin Harkin with his snow leopard and swan
Art in the Park works will include:

• ‘An Illustrated Journey Through the Park’ by artist Ciara Chapman: This multimedia installation offers an accessible experience of nature for those with physical restrictions, celebrating inclusivity and sensory exploration.

• ‘For No Good Reason’ by artist Kevin Harkin: A fairytale love story about a snow leopard and swan that have fallen in love with a snowflake that is too afraid to leave its cage. The story also has a dark undertone, addressing the artist's personal journey dedicated to those who have suffered abuse.

• ‘Brigit Spreading Her Cloak’ by artist Brendan Farren: A willow and wire sculpture depicting the Celtic myth of Brigit spreading her cloak to create a sanctuary, emphasising the magic of the earth to provide.

• ‘Upturn of Events’ by artist Lucy Mulholland: This sculpture transforms an accidental happening into a statement on interspecies kinship, encouraging a move towards a more connected future.

• ‘On the Inside’ by artist Tara Keegan: Tara’s artwork explores the inner beauty of the human body, using recycled materials to reflect on fertility and the festival of Imbolc.

• ‘Light’ by artist Tara Eileen Welch: Stained glass art depicting the Celtic pagan calendar, bringing forgotten traditions to life through artistic skill and the play of natural light.

• ‘Gateway for Imbolc’ by Tuning Group (Mo Langmuir & Samuel Collins): A site-specific installation embodying the transition from winter to spring, inviting visitors to participate in the celebration of home and nature.
Artworks by Tara Keegan
Artlink project co-ordinator Martha McCulloch said: "Our exhibition is designed to make art more visible and physically accessible and as we strongly believe in inclusivity, the diverse artworks selected and showcased this year aim to engage people of all ages and abilities, while celebrating the exceptional natural features of Swan Park".

For further information about Art in the Park III and other upcoming events during February 2024, visit www.Artlink.ie .
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