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Science Week 2023 13.11.23

SCIENCE Week takes place this week from the 12th to 19th November and the theme for 2023 is ‘Human?’, which asks people to consider what it means to be human in today’s world, and how the decisions we make today will affect the people and world of the future. From the climate emergency to social interaction and artificial intelligence, how will future generations be impacted.

Through the Programme of Events , it is hoped hope you discover new knowledge that will help us all on planet earth to live healthier, longer lives and adapt to climate change.
To view Science Week Programme of Events visit www.donegallibrary.ie
The online events will teach children how we all need to embrace the muddiness of our world to help the ecological wheels turn and support all manner of wonderful wildlife. So far from avoiding mud, peat, and similar ooze and goo, we must protect and nurture our muddy world. They will also discover the good news - the amazing anecdotes, case studies and figures around the globe that are making a difference. And they'll learn that if we all continue to work together, things can only keep getting better and better.

Belinda Glackin, Science Week Coordinator for Donegal County Council Library Service, said: “Through our events, we hope to draw children’s attention to the important ideas about what scientists do by delivering experiences that stimulate a child’s natural curiosity and inquisitiveness. All primary schools in Donegal will receive an electronic copy of our brochure. Although, events take place during school hours, they are open to home schools and the public."

You can find out what is happening for Science Week at www.donegallibrary.ie .
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