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World Ocean Day clean-ups in Inishowen 07.06.23

CLEAN Coasts is celebrating its 20th anniversary this year. In honour of this milestone, over 300 groups in Ireland, including 64 in Donegal have registered to carry out a clean-up during the week around World Ocean Day.

Clean-ups will be happening in groups of all sizes, from individuals, friends and families to community groups, tidy towns groups, schools and sports groups. They are set to happen in different locations throughout Inishowen, including Mill River, Buncrana and Moville Shore. People who haven't signed up to host a clean-up can still join the celebrations by joining Moville Tidy Towns at Moville Shore this Saturday at 8:30am.
Celebrate Clean Coastsí 20th birthday on World Ocean Day
Clean Coasts are thrilled to see so many groups and individuals stepping up across Ireland to help protect our ocean and celebrate Clean Coasts' 20th birthday and want to take this opportunity to thank and celebrate the efforts of all individuals and groups who have been protecting the Irish marine environment, whether they have been involved with the programme since 2003 or this is their first time joining the initiative.

World Ocean Day is celebrated annually on June 8th to highlight the important role the ocean has for our life and the planet. For 2023, the focus of World Ocean Day will be on the 30◊30 campaign meaning that for us to create a healthy ocean with abundant wildlife and to stabilize our climate, itís crucial that 30% of our planetís lands, waters, and ocean are protected by the year 2030.

Marine litter has become a global problem for humans and marine life alike. However, communities around Ireland have demonstrated their desire to be part of the solution by taking part in several beach cleaning calls to action. Making sure litter is collected and disposed of properly at the source is vital for a cleaner ocean and a greener world for all of us to enjoy.

For more information, please visit www.cleancoasts.org .
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