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‘Comfort Ye My People’ opens at Artlink Fort Dunree 11.09.23

A beautifully crafted new solo exhibition exploring humanity’s relationship with the environment, by award-winning visual artist Alannah Robins, has opened at the Saldanha Gallery, Fort Dunree. ‘Comfort Ye My People’ will be open daily from 10:30am to 4:30pm (with free admission) up until 8th October 2023.  A truly immersive experience, this is an intimate reflection on geological time, on our place in the natural world, and a visual journey through landscapes.
The 'Comfort Ye My People' exhibition is now open at the Saldanha Gallery, Fort Dunree.
A graduate of the NCAD, Dublin, Alannah Robins is founder of Interface (an artists’ studio and residency programme for visual artists, writers & musicians) in Connemara. Her work spans across Ireland and Sweden (where she lived for 5 years) and can be found in public and private collections throughout Europe and USA. Alannah has also been awarded several accolades and commissions that celebrate her creative ingenuity.
Alannah Robins drawing 'Sleeper Awake' for her exhibition 'Comfort Ye My People'.
Speaking at the opening event for her new solo exhibition, Alannah said: “Comfort Ye My People is a meditation on our relationship with nature, a love letter to the land. It is about time and water. In this exhibition I explore the intricate relationship between humanity and the natural world. Through a combination of drawings, etchings and kinetic light, I invite audiences into a space which touches on both grief and celebration.

“I had other plans for this exhibition, but I felt an overwhelming compulsion to simply draw the mountains. I think it might be somehow related to our need for comfort and security when living in a state of chaos, such as the climate crisis in which we find ourselves. The process of drawing, then, involves giving a great level of attention to the subject, so that it becomes increasingly familiar. You become more and more sensitised to that which you are drawing, which leads to a greater intimacy with that subject or space, in this case, for me, the inhabited landscape."
Stephen O'Callaghan, Sonya Murray and Breda Burns, visiting from Connemara, at the exhibition in Fort Dunree with Alannah Robins and Buncrana local Andrew Garvey Williams.
A series of events and activities will also take place during Alannah’s month-long solo exhibition at Artlink Fort Dunree. Notably, on Culture Night, Friday September 22nd 2023, visitors can partake in a guided tour of her show, followed by a plein air drawing workshop from 4pm to 6pm. To book this event, visit the Culture Night Donegal website.

Artlink Project Co-ordinator, Rebecca Strain added: “The gently engaging work of Alannah Robins creates a space for contemplation and conversation. An activist and singer as well as a visual artist, she brings her unique vision to the forefront in ‘Comfort Ye My People’, encouraging us all to consider our relationship with our environment, with the land."

For further information on the upcoming exhibitions and events at Artlink Fort Dunree during September and October 2023, visit www.artlink.ie .
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