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World Migratory Bird Day at Glenveagh 09.05.23

TO mark World Migratory Bird Day on Saturday, 13 May 2023, Change Makers Donegal has organised a free Walk & Talk event with Aengus Kennedy of Nature North West at Glenveagh National Park.

You will learn more about the birds, such as the Willow Warbler from Africa, which take such epic journeys.
The Willow Warbler, from Africa, which spends the summer in Ireland and Aengus Kennedy of Nature North West.
Aengus Kennedy of Nature North West explains: “As world migratory bird day approaches, the massive movement of birds over our heads is already underway. Huge numbers of species and individuals pass through Ireland at this time of year, some staying for the summer, some refuelling and moving on further north. Yet tragically, despite these birds using the same migratory routes for thousands of years, we are seeing dramatic declines in many of the species.
Our talk and walk in Glenveagh National Park will focus on some of the birds that come this way, why they come and will look at the complex mosaic of some of Glenveagh’s habitats that help support these beautiful creatures as well as so much other biodiversity. These birds have been migrating far longer than we have to and from our lands, it is on us all to protect our own patch and ensure their needs are met when they grace our shores.”

For more information and to book, visit www.changemakers.ie .
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