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Big Beach Clean in Inishowen 04.10.23

IN an extraordinary display of environmental stewardship and community spirit, 7,700 Clean Coasts volunteers rolled up their sleeves and removed a staggering 46 tonnes of litter all across the country as part of the Big Beach Clean. That is the equivalent of 12 hippos!

In County Donegal, 14 groups and 200 volunteers removed an estimated 1.3 tonnes of marine litter. Clean ups happened in various locations throughout Inishowen.

The amazing 5th and 6th classes from the local Clonmany N.S. joined Clean Coasts Officer, Alena Kunkel, for a talk and clean up on their local beach at Tullagh Bay. The children learned about sand dunes, their formation and function, as well as local flora and fauna. Instead of learning about nature protection from schoolbooks, they took action and joined a worldwide citizen science project on marine litter. The children each took a small item from the beach to identify it and create a marine stall at their own school, where they can continue to learn about their favourite beach. The 22 amazing volunteers and their principal and teachers collected 11 bags of rubbish, making Tullagh Bay a cleaner place for all to enjoy.
Clonmany N.S. students joined Clean Coasts Officer, Alena Kunkel, for a talk and clean up at Tullagh Bay.
Volunteers from the Glengad Community Centre came together to clean up their local pier and beach. 20 bags of litter were collected during the clean-up and the volunteers were treated to a well deserved cup of tea and something sweet afterwards. One of the volunteers also picked up the arguably best find of the weekend: a 50 Euro note.
Culdaff Tidy Towns is one of the Clean Coasts groups from Inishowen who joined the Big Beach Clean 2023.
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