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New exhibition opens at Artlink Fort Dunree 28.06.23

A thought-provoking new solo exhibition exploring humanity’s relationship with the environment by interdisciplinary artist Fiona Mulholland has opened in the Saldanha Gallery, Artlink Fort Dunree. It will be showcased up until 23rd July as part of the Earagail Arts Festival 2023. 

Entitled ‘In Search of Pearls & Future Fossils’, the exhibition features an intriguing collection of photographic and sculptural works that delve into our complex connection with the natural and human-made world.
Visitors enjoying Fiona Mulholland’s new solo exhibition ‘In Search of Pearls & Future Fossils’.
Speaking at the open event for her new exhibition, Fiona said: “’In Search of Pearls & Future Fossils’ is an exploration of our increasingly fragile relationship with the environment.
“With a growing awareness of the profound impact of human activities on our planet, I examine the omnipresent flotsam, detritus, and waste that lines the shores of Donegal – shedding a light on the consequences of our human generated ‘natural’ waste. During these uncertain times, I hope that my artworks act as visual cues – prompting the public to reflect on humanity’s relationship with the environment and question our feelings towards resilience, renewal and repair.
“As an avid hiking enthusiast and dedicated collector of natural and found objects, I draw inspiration from my passions – infusing them into my creative pursuits. My sculptural works deconstruct formal elements, presenting new configurations which interweave conflicting narratives of ‘nature’ and ‘culture’”.
Visitor enjoying Fiona Mulholland’s new solo exhibition ‘In Search of Pearls & Future Fossils’.
The open event took place on Saturday 24th June and the exhibition, In Search of Pearls & Future Fossils, runs until 23rd July with free admission daily from 10:30am to 4:30pm. For further information visit www.artlink.ie .
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