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Slow Down Day 01.03.22

GARDAÍ are conducting 'National Slow Down Day' over a 24 hour period from 7am today, Tuesday 1st March, to 7am on Wednesday, 2nd March. The operation will consist of high visibility speed enforcement throughout the country.

The aim of "Slow Down Day” is to remind drivers of the dangers of speeding, to increase compliance with speed limits and act as a deterrent to driving at excessive or inappropriate speed. The overall objective is to reduce the number of speed related collisions, save lives and reduce injuries on our roads.

Excessive and inappropriate speed is a major contributory factor in road traffic collisions, confirmed by an Road Safety Authority (RSA) report on fatal collisions between 2008 and 2012 which found that excessive speed was a contributory factor in almost one third of all fatal collisions during that time. The higher the speed, the greater the likelihood is of a collision happening and the more severe the outcome of that collision.
Chief Superintendent Michael Hennebry Garda National Roads Policing Bureau said: "Firstly I would like to thank the majority of those who travel within the speed limits. However, our enforcement operations continue to detect motorists travelling at speeds significantly above the posted speed limits. This reckless behaviour poses a serious risk not just to the motorists themselves, but to all the road users, especially vulnerable pedestrians and cyclists. This is not just about speeding enforcement detections. It's about saving lives”.

Chief Superintendent Hennebry continued: "I’m appealing to all road users to support us in our efforts to keep everybody safe on our roads. Please slow down, check your speed, drive safely, not only on National Slow Down Day, but every day".
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