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Grow it Yourself with a free GROWBox 21.05.21

PEOPLE in Inishowen are being encouraged to Grow it Yourself (GIY). Energia has partnered with not-for-profit social enterprise GIY, to launch the first-ever national Get Ireland Growing Day on June 19th. To help encourage people to get involved, they are giving away 1,000 large GROWBoxes to people across Ireland.

With the pandemic forcing us to stay at home, there has been a surge in interest in growing your own food. Over the past 12 months, online searches for organic food has increased by 80%. Food growing is a lever to a healthier and happier, more sustainable world.
To register and enter the draw for your FREE GROWBox visit www.getirelandgrowing.ie .
The GROWBox includes:
• 5 x seed packs: beetroot, carrot, peas, mixed oriental greens and basil
• 1 x hessian bag of Irish wildflower beebombs (15/bag)
• Compost
• Fibre seed trays
• Rice husk pots
• Get Ireland Growing tips and recipe cards
To register and enter the draw for your FREE GROWBox visit www.getirelandgrowing.ie .

Energia Get Ireland Growing (GIG) ambassador and presenter of ‘What Planet are You on’, Maia Dunphy says, “It’s so important that we all learn how to become more sustainable, and our future depends on it. I’ve recently enrolled in a Masters in Climate Change policy to help expand my knowledge on helping to protect our planet. Initiatives like the Energia GIG campaign are so important and help us to see how we can all do our part in creating a more sustainable future for Ireland. Even if you don’t have a garden, you can still start growing on your windowsill or balcony, like I do. You might not grow quite enough to feed everyone, but it's so rewarding when you can eat what you’ve grown from a simple seed, I challenge everyone to give it a go this summer and grow at least a little of your own!”
Presenter, Maia Dunphy, launching the Energia and GIY Get Ireland Growing initiative.
The GROWBoxes are designed for all living situations whether you are in an apartment or have a garden, everyone can still grow herbs and vegetables. All you need to do is fill out a simple registration form at www.getirelandgrowing.ie to enter the draw for one of the free GROWBoxes.
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