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iTunes gift card scam warning 28.04.20

GARDAÍ are warning the public about a scam tricking people into purchasing iTunes gift cards. This scam has been highlighted previously but has re-emerged in recent days with a slight twist.
Gardaí recently received a report from a company who had received a fraudulent email claiming to be from a manager in a senior position. The email asked that a staff member go and purchase iTunes gift cards, which the employee did, and share the 16-digit code on the back of the card. The scammers then used this code to purchase goods online.
In this incident, the fraudulent email stated the gift cards were being used "as a donation to the local hospice” and made reference to Coivd-19.
Gardaí are advising people to be vigilant and suspicious of any calls or emails from people claiming to represent a company or organisation you may be a customer of or work for. The person contacting you may have some information about you, so don’t trust them just because they use your name or other personal information.
Always say "no” to unsolicited calls or emails seeking private information about you. Private information includes your name, address, date of birth, family details, bank account numbers, pin and passwords.
Independently verify any requests for information and never use the contact details supplied to you by the person contacting you. If you receive a request from someone within your business and you are unsure, ring them directly to verify. Do not reply directly to the email.
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