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Men's Shed Carn connect with Zoom 11.05.20

MEN'S Shed Carn are not letting the restrictions imposed on members due to Covid-19 get in the way of their weekly music group sessions as they are now connecting via Zoom.
Men's Shed Carn members enjoy interacting on Zoom.
Chairman, Davy McLaughlin (Bill), joined the call via Zoom last week. He said: "Men's Shed Carn are doing everything we can to ensure all of our members stay in touch. We are very conscious that lots of our members are excluded from their normal weekly social activities due to self isolation or cocooning.
"We had our first meeting on the 30th April via Zoom and we couldn't believe how easy it was to get connected. Indeed, with such a nice call and great craic, we decided to extend this to some of our other groups.
"The Men's Shed Carn music group was the first of these groups to try it out last Monday night and it was a great success with members up to 80 years of age, joining in, with more planning to join this week.
"We are currently trying to procure more tablets or devices for other members as it is so important that everyone who wants to join these (or other sessions) can join in and feel less isolated. There has been huge interest and demand from members."
Bill concluded: "For further information please check us out on Men's Shed Carndonagh Facebook or email us on mens.shed.carn@gmail.com . We welcome new members all the time and are determined to do what we can to support everyone during this difficult time."
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