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Explore 'Oceans of Learning' 18.06.20

THE coastline in Donegal is of immense importance to the county. It supports not only a thriving tourist industry but also provides an immense opportunity for socio-economic development through many businesses including fishing, aquaculture and leisure activities as well as being an integral part of the county's heritage.
In Ireland, 1.9 million people live within 5km of the coast and many communities along the Irish coast depend on industries such as tourism, fishing and aquaculture. Furthermore, there is now mounting evidence that the ocean plays a key role in the general wellbeing of our coastal communities. This week’s Oceans of Learning series will explore the importance of Ireland’s Coastal Communities. Over 10 weeks, the Marine Institute and partners are celebrating our world’s shared ocean and our connection to the sea, sharing news and offering online interactive activities, videos and downloadable resources on a new marine topic each week.
A starfish on the seashore. For more information on Oceans of Learning, visit www.marine.ie .
Dr Paul Connolly, CEO of the Marine Institute said, “As an island nation, our 7,711 kilometres of coastline is one of our greatest assets. Our fishing and aquaculture industries, tourism and marine leisure make a significant contribution to the economic development of Ireland’s coastal regions, and provide employment opportunities for many in our coastal communities. At the Marine Institute, we support Ireland’s coastal communities and economies, through our research, ocean knowledge, infrastructure and advisory services.
As a small island nation, the health of our oceans and the wellbeing of our coastal communities have always been and will continue to be inextricably linked”.
The Marine Institute’s Oceans of Learning series this week highlights Ireland’s Coastal Communities. Oceans of Learning offers videos, interactive activities and downloadable resources on our coasts and seashore. For more information on Oceans of Learning, visit www.marine.ie .
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