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Mica Redress Scheme progresses despite Covid-19 24.04.20

THE Mica Action Group (MAG) has today confirmed that in spite of the difficult circumstances we find ourselves in due to Covid-19, the Mica Redress Scheme is still being worked on behind the scenes and they are hopeful it will not be much longer before the scheme opens.
The Mica Action Group had a huge turnout of over 700 people attending their Mica redress information event in Letterkenny on the 18th February, 2020.
Ann Owens, Chairperson of MAG said: "The Dept of Housing have confirmed that they are well aware of the very difficult position that this crisis puts on Mica affected homeowners, and have assured us that they are continuing to work hard on the final terms and conditions of the scheme.
"Martin McDermott, Councillor and Mayor of Inishowen has also confirmed that Donegal County Council is working on finalising the details of the scheme in conjunction with the Department. He has indicated that there will be a need for staff to be familiarised with the details once these terms have been finalised but is confident that this work is progressing and should be open soon.
"Whilst we know that there will be issues around undertaking testing and being on site at the homes of families affected, we must also do all we can to prepare during this time and to be ready to go when we get the green light that things are safe and restrictions have been lifted.
"This news from the Department and from Donegal County Council is a huge relief for affected families as a lot of people have lost confidence that this scheme would ever see the light of day due to the pressures on Government at the minute. It will allow those families affected to take comfort in the fact that they have not been forgotten about and we at MAG and the relevant authorities are still working hard on their behalf."
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