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Huge turnout for Mica Redress event 21.02.20

THE Mica Action Group (MAG) had a huge turnout of over 700 people attending their Mica redress and financial information event in Letterkenny on Tuesday, 18th February.
Ann Owens, Chairperson of MAG said: "The turnout to this event was unprecedented and illustrates how far we have come and the number of people coming forward who are affected by the issue of defective blocks/mica in the county.
"We heard updates from Damien McKay on how the Mica Redress process will work and the steps that homeowners must follow in getting their applications ready.
"Martin McDermott from Donegal County Council informed the audience of the significant preparation that is happening behind the scenes at the council and the importance of ensuring homeowners select a mica certified engineer to support this application process. He indicated that the first mica steering group meeting will be on February 20th and further updates will be provided after this."
Ann continued: "Homeowner Karl Murtagh told his very emotive story about how he and his family were forced borrow from friends and family to fix their home, which was in imminent danger of collapse, and how the bank refused to engage, eventually selling his mica riddled home to a vulture fund. Both Padraig McLochlainn and Charlie McConalogue gave assurances of their support on the night.
"Joe Morgan updated the audience on the significant engagement that he has undertaken with the key lenders in the county and told how families are already seeing the positive impact of this engagement with dedicated points of contact now set up in the banks to deal with mica enquiries.
"Liz Morgan spoke about the supports available to families through MABs who are encountering financial difficulties and offered support in liaising with banks on their behalf if this is required.
"We would like to thank everyone for speaking and for attending this event. This has been a long journey for MAG and all the affected families and hopefully this marks the start of a positive future for all."
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