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Mica Action Group public information event 12.02.20

THE Mica Action Group (MAG) are running a public information event in the Clanree Hotel, Letterkenny on Tuesday, February 18, at 7pm.
This follows the announcement last week that the redress scheme for Mica affected homeowners has now finally been rubber stamped by government.
MAG is a group of homeowners who formed a lobby group in 2014. Each of their own homes were built using defective blocks. The key objective of the group was getting government redress to enable them to repair their homes.
Ann Owens Chair of MAG said: “Affected homeowners have been waiting long and hard for this scheme to be signed off by government. Now that it has been signed off and we await it opening by Donegal County Council, there are steps that homeowners can be taking now to ensure they are ready when the application process opens.
“Damien Mc Kay, Consulting Engineer will speak at the event and tell homeowners what they need to do next. There will also be a spokesperson from Donegal County Council giving us an update on where they are with the scheme and when it is likely to be ready to accept applications.
“We are therefore inviting all affected homeowners to come along to this event to find out more information and to get answers to their questions."
These photographs of defective Mica blocks, from an Inishowen homeowner, show significant deterioration in only one year.
Joe Morgan from MAG also said: “MAG have also been engaging with key lenders and financial services across the county over the last number of months in an effort to seek help for families (with or without mortgages), who may need to seek financial support from their bank to raise this 10% scheme contribution. As a consequence, a number of these lenders as well as Money Advice and Budgeting Service (MABS) have also kindly agreed to attend and to advise families on the type of supports that may be able available to them.
“It is important to note that each family will need to seek a follow-up meeting with their respective lender after the event as each family’s circumstances will be different. However, this event will help families understand what type of supports may be available and how to start this process.
“MAG is committed to ensuring that this scheme is as accessible to all families. We have put recommendations to these lenders and look forward to hearing what they have to say on the night.
“We anticipate a huge turnout at this event as people have been contacting us with lots of questions and asking for clarity on the next steps. As such, we are advising people to arrive early to ensure ease of parking and seating."
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