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Take part in Love Donegal day 26.08.20

BUILDING on the success of 2019, this year's #LoveDonegal day will take place on Wednesday, 16th September. People in Inishowen are encouraged to take part on the day by telling as many people as possible around the world about our amazing peninsula and county. All you have to do is include hashtag #LoveDonegal or #DúnnanGallAbú in your tweets or posts on the 16th September. It would be great if you could include a few tweets or posts that highlight all we love about Donegal, it's special places, it's people and things to enjoy. You can also post to Instagram using these hashtags.
Tweets / posts about Donegal can include:
• Visiting or travelling around Donegal
• The people of Donegal
• The landscape, coastline or islands
• Music, arts, sport, marine, business, culture & food
• The Gaeltacht and the Irish language

You can take part by:
• Tweeting or posting from your personal account using #LoveDonegal
• Tweeting or posting from your work, club or group accounts
• Liking, sharing or retweeting other #LoveDonegal posts
• Asking your friends and family at home and abroad to join in

If everyone acts together, then we can get Donegal trending and highlight the many wonderful things we all love about our county!
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