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Free counselling service for carers 01.09.20

A free counselling service has been launched aimed at providing coping skills and vital information to people who are caring for the estimated 2,000 stroke survivors living in Donegal.
The Irish Heart Foundation encourages people in Inishowen to apply for this six-week service which gives them the ability to look after themselves and the strength to deal effectively with their loved one’s care.
The free programme includes up to six, one-hour sessions giving participants an opportunity to share worries and frustrations in a confidential manner and learn practical tools to help them cope as a carer.
“Becoming a carer for someone who has survived a stroke, is a huge undertaking physically, mentally and emotionally,” said Tracy Egan, Patient Support Manager, Irish Heart Foundation.
“When people are affected by stroke the new regime can be totally overwhelming for those caring for them. It is important that carers take care of their own mental and physical health so that they can have a reasonable quality of life, provide the care their loved ones need and cope with the demands of life as a carer.”
The Irish Heart Foundation has urged people in Inishowen caring for stroke survivors to apply for this free counselling service by emailing carers@irishheart.ie or calling 01 668 5001.
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