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Gathering of the Force at Malin Head 19.06.20

IN the far-flung depths of the Galaxy in the forgotten ancient mystical land of Inishowen, fear has grown and darkness has descended among the people of the Republic yet a force has been awakened.
From the most northern part of Ireland a gathering of the Force has begun…
Gathering of the Force at Malin Head.
Kitchens and living rooms were a hive of activity on the national day of youthful creativity
Cruinniú na nÓg took place last Saturday in living rooms and kitchens throughout Inishowen and across Ireland. Children and young people had the opportunity to participate in a whole range of online activities including online workshops, a mini youth music festival, short film release and tutorials.
The national day of youthful creativity is now in its third year of delivering creative events to young people in their own locality. This year with public health advice, it required a creative approach. Speaking on behalf of Donegal County Council’s Cruinniú na nÓg team, Karen Sheehy is delighted with how well it was received. “Children from all corners of Donegal and beyond were able to access quality creative workshops with experienced professionals in creative writing, song writing, coding and broadcasting, without having to leave the house,” said Karen.
Some of the events required some input prior to the big day and are widely available online.
The short film above called Gathering of the Force, which premiered on social media on Saturday, was a huge hit. The film represents the resilience of young people throughout this pandemic and showcases the breathtaking scenery at Banba’s Crown in Malin Head.
Budding young chefs contributed to a dedicated e-book, Recipes for Disaster. The Alone Together youth mini music festival, organised by the Regional Cultural Centre in collaboration with The Loft, offered young musicians and music fans the opportunity to put together their very own festival.
You can view the Alone Together Music Festival and read the Recipes for Disaster book at the links below.
• Alone Together Music Festival: www.youtube.com
• Recipes for Disasters ebook: www.regionalculturalcentre.com
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