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DRSWG urge motorists to use caution 07.04.20

THE Donegal Road Safety Working Group (DRSWG) is urging motorists to slow down and be aware of other road users, especially pedestrians, runners and cyclists as more people take to the roads during this unprecedented time. The road is a shared space and we would urge everyone to respect each other’s right to be there.
Brian O’Donnell, Road Safety Officer said “Families and large numbers of people are getting out for a walk, as well as cyclists and runners using the roads, so we are making an appeal for drivers of all vehicles in towns and in rural areas to be mindful of their presence on the road. Pedestrians, cyclists and runners should also be fully aware of the need to wear high viz clothing and if possible to walk in well lit areas. Everyone, walkers, cyclists and runners need to keep a minimum clear distance of 2 meters between yourself and other people. We have to look after our mental health, as well as our physical health, but it is essential that we maintain the physical distance of 2 meters for all our safety. We would also appeal to everyone to respect everyone’s space and move into single file when meeting other walkers or runners so as to avoid others having to step onto possible oncoming traffic. Keeping everyone safe and healthy during this crisis is the most important thing right now and the most responsible approach we can take is for us all to look out for each other. We are all in this together, please stay safe”.
During this crisis, our Health Service is expected to come under severe pressure and they could really do without having to deal with avoidable injuries at this time.
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