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Drawn from Borders at Fort Dunree 05.03.20

'DRAWN from Borders' is an exciting, collaborative, exhibition which opens for two months at Fort Dunree, Linsfort on 4th April, 2020. The show is the culmination of a nine-month project uniting 24 artists from both sides of the border in a creative programme of talks, discussions, visits and workshops.
The work on view is the artistsí response expressed in film, painting, print, sculpture, installation, photography, performance and text, all arising from the theme of borders.
Image above by Catherine Ellis from Elephants in the Room Solo Exhibition at Artlink 2018.
'Drawn From Borders' explores key moments in Irelandís history and is delivered by Artlink, Nerve Centre and the Tower Museum. This is an opportunity for Artlink members to look creatively on the events of 100 years ago, borders and Brexit and to generate a creative output in response. The resulting work will form part of the new exhibition and will examine important events during 1920-22, including the Partition of Ireland and will cover themes around borders.
The project runs daily from the 4th April until 27th May 2020. For more details ring 0864532428 or email info@artlink.ie .
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