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COVID 19 Ė Donegal County Council update 30.03.20

ON Friday night the Taoiseach announced new public health measures in relation to the COVID-19 virus. Donegal County Council is fully committed to adhering to these new restrictions and would encourage everyone to follow them to support the national effort to push back against the virus.
The Councilís Crisis Management Team has considered the implications of the new measures and its response to same having regard to, on the one hand, compliance with the measures, and on the other, ensuring that we can maintain the delivery of essential/critical services to the public.
The Councilís public buildings that have remained open until now will be closed to the public from today ( Monday, 30th March, 2020 ) until further notice. However our staff will continue to work in the buildings and where essential at the various premises and sites where we have to do essential work. Staff will continue to work on essential / emergency work such as the provision of water and sewerage, fighting fires, keeping public spaces clean and providing homeless services. These are just some examples of the work of the Council that must continue.
The public should know that the Councilís capacity to deal with emergencies is not affected at this time. It is our objective to ensure that the continuity of essential services to the public is maintained. If the situation is likely to change, we will make the public aware of any implications and provide appropriate advice and guidance at such time.
Circumstances can suddenly change as we have seen this week but the Council wants to reassure the public that we have considerable experience built up over many years dealing with exceptional circumstances and events and the members and staff of the Council will continue to work in the best interests of the people.
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