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It's 'Nicer to Neuterí - Dogs Trust 06.02.20

IN a bid to help reduce the volume of abandoned dogs and puppies, Dogs Trust Ireland have launched their ĎNicer to Neuterí campaign, aimed at encouraging members of the public to neuter their dogs.
Recent research carried out on behalf of the charity shows 18% of dog owners surveyed havenít neutered their dog and while this is an improvement of 6% compared to 24% in 2018, the charity cared for 340 puppies from unplanned pregnancies last year.
Dogs Trust is keen to highlight the benefits of neutering such as long-term savings for dog owners and the health benefits for dogs.
Cher, a pregnant terrier cross was found straying, alone, pregnant and abandoned on a cold day in December. She gave birth to 11 puppies.
As well as the associated health and financial benefits, neutering may also influence a dogís behaviour in a positive way. Neutering might also be helpful with training, as neutered dogs are potentially less distracted by other dogs. This can be useful for owners when training their dogs, especially when out in public. For this reason, neutering is also likely to be beneficial for working dogs, limiting distractibility when set to task.
The charity has released a short video highlighting the story of Cher, a pregnant terrier cross who was found straying, alone, pregnant and abandoned on a cold day in December. Thankfully, Cher was taken care of by Dogs Trust and subsequently gave birth to 11 puppies, a big ordeal, especially for a dog her size and sadly, one didnít make it. However, Cher is one of the lucky ones and was able to give birth in a warm environment and is now surrounded by Puppy Carers in the charityís dedicated Puppy Wing which can care for up to 500 puppies each year.
You can find out more information about the Nicer to Neuter campaign by visiting www.dogstrust.ie . Remember, itís always 'Nicer to Neuter'.
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