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View dairy breeding seminars online 15.04.20

A series of online Teagasc dairy breeding seminars aimed at Irish dairy farmers will run from Monday 20th April until Thursday 23rd April. Visit www.teagasc.ie for more details and to log onto the Zoom webinars. The first in the series will take place on Monday 20th April, at 10am.
Visit www.teagasc.ie for more details
Tom O’Dwyer, Head of Dairy Knowledge Transfer said: “Normally at this time of year, we organise farm walks around the country outlining the best practices for dairy breeding. Given the current restrictions, we have moved to offer a series of four free webinars as we approach the start of the dairy breeding season for most dairy farmers. We hope that these webinars will provide the latest information and give an opportunity for dairy farmers to have their questions answered by Teagasc experts.”
Pat Dillon, Head of the Teagasc Animal and Grassland, Research and Innovation programme highlighted the importance of making the right decisions at this time of year: “Improvements in both herd fertility performance and future herd production can be achieved through the application of an optimum breeding management plan, including optimum herd nutrition and the use of high EBI (Economic Breeding Index) and DBI (Dairy Beef Index) genetics. In addition, sexed semen is a new technology which can have a role to play on many dairy farms. All of the topics are covered during the webinar series.”
Over the coming weeks, critical decisions will be taken by all dairy farmers that will influence their dairy herd, not just for next year, but for years to come. These online seminars will provide the latest knowledge to assist farmers make the best decisions. The series takes place from Monday 20th to Thursday 23rd April, at 10.00am each day.

The four topics to be covered are:

Date: Monday 20th April
Topic: Getting more cows in calf during the first three weeks of the breeding season
Presenter: Stephen Moore
Contributor: Donal Patton
Facilitator: Stuart Childs

Date: Tuesday 21st April
Topic: Tips to maximise conception rate to sexed semen
Presenter: Stephen Butler
Contributor: Farmer
Facilitator: Stuart Childs

Date: Wednesday 22nd April
Topic: Selecting your bull team
Presenter: Donagh Berry
Contributor: Richard O’Brien
Facilitator: Stuart Childs

Date: Thursday 23rd April
Topic: Increasing the value of your 2021 calf crop: using the Dairy Beef Index
Presenter: Siobhan Ring, ICBF
Contributor: Noirin McHugh
Facilitator: Stuart Childs
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