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Council offices to reopen 16.07.20

Donegal County Council offices will reopen on an incremental and managed basis, with effect from today, Thursday 16th July and there will be a number of protocols in operation for staff and the public, as follows:

1. Where business is essential, people visiting Council premises are expected to observe and use the hand sanitisation facility, social distancing and to follow other directions given at the location by staff.

2. The public should follow signage on how to queue up and be spaced apart as they make their way to counters. It is expected that queues may extend outside the buildings and you should be prepared for queuing outside in poor weather.

3. Only one person will be allowed to proceed to the public counter. The remaining people in any group will be asked to wait outside.

Although council offices are now opening to the public, people are encouraged to continue to contact the Council by phone, email and online.
Visit the Motor Tax Service Online at www.motortax.ie .
Motor Tax Service Online: The online system has been used extensively since the offices closed and the public are being asked to continue to use this service. In this regard, you can get help by calling the Council or checking www.motortax.ie .
For motor tax services that are not currently available online, motor tax counters will be open on Tuesdays and Thursdays with effect from Thursday 16th July 2020.
All forms are available at www.donegalcoco.ie and the Motor Tax department be contacted by phone on 074 91 53900 or by email at motortax@donegalcoco.ie .
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