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Crana College new school petition 03.02.20

The Crana College New School Committee thanked the parents, guardians and the general public who attended the March in Buncrana on Thursday, January 30. The committee have been campaigning hard to ensure that the students and staff of Crana College get a new school.
Over 1,000 people attended a March in Buncrana on Thursday, January 30, in support of the campaign for a new school for Crana College.
Crana College is a very successful post primary school in Buncrana but the current campus is too small for the rapidly expanding numbers of students wishing to attend the school.
The college have been promised a new school for over 20 years now by successive Governments and to date there has been no definite site acquired or a timeframe given for such a purchase.
Many of the political representatives across all the parties over the years have pledged support to the new school campus but to date these have just been empty promises.
Crana College is asking for your support to secure a site for their new school by signing the petition - New School for Crana College .
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