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Covid19 - It’s in our hands! 22.09.20

Below is a joint Statement on behalf of the Cathaoirleach of Donegal County Council, Cllr Rena Donaghey, Chief Executive of Donegal County Council, John G. McLaughlin, Chief Superintendant of An Garda Siochana, Terry McGinn and Director of Public Health North West Region, Dr Anthony Breslin.

IT is clear that the Covid-19 numbers in Donegal have been growing in recent weeks and we are now at a critical juncture for this disease.
We have a window of opportunity to bring this disease under control and to keep Donegal at Level 2 restrictions. To do so we all need to act now to break the chains of transmission, to ensure we live as optimally as we can with the virus, keeping our schools open, resuming non-covid healthcare and protecting our vulnerable people.
To view the National Framework for living with Covid-19 Click Here .
We are asking you and your family to take positive action immediately, and change your current behaviours. This means:
• Meeting less people inside your home.
• With those you do meet, be particularly attentive to safe practices - keep your distance, wear a face covering where appropriate, cough into a tissue and bin it, wash your hands.
• Limiting the number of people you meet outside your home as much as possible.
• Avoiding crowds.
• Prioritising the people you need to see, keeping groups small, and seeing them regularly, rather than meeting lots of different people from different households. Concentrate on your core circle in the coming weeks.  

We all know the core messages, and it’s time to double our efforts to stay safe. 
Remember this disease can spread even if you have no symptoms. Act as though you have the virus to protect the friends and family and colleagues and others you meet going about your day. Keeping that little bit of extra distance from others is really important as we try to work safely while living with the threat of this virus. 
Know the symptoms and come forward quickly for testing if you have any concerns. Isolate yourself from others and phone your GP if you feel unwell, remember that a referral and test for Covid-19 are free. 
Our individual actions do matter. They all count. They do work. The good news is that we know the most effective tools to keep this virus at bay. We just need to keep working with them.
As a collective we are appealing to the people of Donegal to please maintain social distance and limit your number of close contacts in the coming days. Whether in our workplaces, our homes or social settings let us all be advocates of Covid good behaviour.
It's in our hands!
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