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‘Request a Check-In’ with An Post 09.04.20

An Post is launching a new service to support communities during the current Covid 19 crisis.
‘Request a Check-In’ is a facility for family members to request a specific ‘An Post Check-In’ by the local postman or postwoman for an older or vulnerable person during the current ‘cocooning’ period.
Family members can register for the free ‘Request a Check-In’ service by completing the postal address and eircode of the customer at www.anpost.com . These details will be relayed directly through An Post’s digital network to the customer’s local postperson who will call to the address.
Register for the free ‘Request a Check-In’ service at www.anpost.com .
Should the customer have any specific needs for groceries or prescription, the postperson will provide them with details of ALONE, the national charity ensuring personal support to older and vulnerable people during the current crisis or where necessary, will contact ALONE on their behalf, linking them in to the wider Local Authority Community Response Forum.
Physical distancing and safety protocols will be maintained at all times by An Post staff.
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