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Irish among top social media users - report 01.07.19

IRISH people are among the biggest users of social media in Europe, new figures released today show.
The statistics show that 60% of Irish people aged between 16-74 years used various social networks last year.
This is 4% higher than the EU average and puts Ireland at number eleven on the league table overall.
The highest rate of participation was in Denmark where 79% of people used social networking sites in 2018.
The Danes were followed in second place by Belgium (73%) with Sweden and the UK in joint third place at 70%.
Participation was lowest in France (42%) followed by Italy (46%) and Slovenia (49%).
The Eurostat research, released to mark World Social Media Day, looked at social networking activities such as the creation of user profiles, posting messages and other contributions.
Facebook, Twitter and Instagram are among the most commonly used social media platforms.
Meanwhile, the figures show that the use of social media has increased by 18% in the European Union in the past eight years.
(The) EUs social network participation rate has steadily increased since the beginning of the data collection (38% in 2011), the Eurostat report added.

Top Social Media Users 2018
1. Denmark (79%)
2. Belgium (73%)
3. Sweden and UK (70%)
4. Cyprus & Malta (69%)
5. Finland (67%)
6. Netherlands (66%)
7. Hungary (65%)
8. Luxembourg (64%)
9. Estonia (62%)
10. Latvia & Romania (61%)
11. Ireland (60%)
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